Monday, November 12, 2012

Early Morning Shorebird

I am a shorebird and the ocean pulls me like a tide, like the ocean pulls back the wave rushing up the shore. 

 A block away or six hundred miles away the ocean pulls at me and I yearn to see it the way I yearn to see my children and parents and one day in Heaven, my beloved grandmother.

 If you are at heart a shorebird you feel that pull too, whether your family lived in the area for generations, or you spent one magical day at the beach.

Early morning, cup of coffee in hand I find a quiet bench. 
  And think of some lines from a favorite poem.

. . .  with a step I stand 
On the firm-packed sand, 
By a world of marsh that borders a world of sea. 
  Sinuous southward and sinuous northward the shimmering band 
  Of the sand-beach fastens the fringe of the marsh to the folds of the land. 
Inward and outward to northward and southward the beach-lines linger and curl 
As a silver-wrought garment that clings to and follows 
    the firm sweet limbs of a girl. 
Vanishing, swerving, evermore curving again into sight, 
Softly the sand-beach wavers away to a dim gray looping of light.  - Sydney  Lanier,  The Marshes of Glynn.

Bay Head, New Jersey 2012. Before superstorm Sandy.

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