Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving - Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard images

Thanksgiving. Like most of us my earliest Thanksgiving memory is of family crowded around our  table. It is too warm in the room and the voices are loud. The babble of adults talking  flows over  the heads of us children.  Sudden raucous laughter flares like a  struck match. In memory the sound is like music and I strain my ears recalling the timber of my uncles voices and  my grandmother's laugh.   They are sweet sounds that live in memory and the rare cameo appearance in an old home movie.
A few years later Thanksgiving meant a four day weekend of horseplay and leaf piles, a long striped scarf in school colors, cold cheeks and the Homecoming game.
 I don't recall when we started the Thanksgiving tradition of making paper chains to mark off the days until Christmas, but the why probably had something to do with keeping three children occupied for an hour. 
A few years later our family expanded by two. In time our much younger sisters were old enough to eat paste and rip up our efforts. My brothers were always so patient, and I so frustrated and impatient.  I don't know why I couldn't see that nuturing the girls was more important than finishing the paper chains. Too goal oriented I guess.  I'd take back the scolding and frowning rejection if I could, but the truth is the memory of my efforts ripped up and chewed still gives me a bit of a twinge.
Looking back I can see that my role at Thanksgiving  is usually a supporting role - which, given the jokes about my cooking must be a good thing.
Setting the table included decorating the chandelier.

 My contribution to Thanksgiving dinner this year was setting the table and doing the dishes. Fine by me! I used the image from the vintage Thanksgiving card above to make place cards.

I brightened it up a bit as you can see here

 Click on the picture to save.

This second image is a postcard that I snapped up on on eBay.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Inka Heaton at Altered Artifacts has some great images she has made available for sharing too.  My favourite is a turkey driving a corncob car.

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