Saturday, March 30, 2013

Panoramic 'Sugar' Eggs

Happy Easter Eve!

This morning while browsing Share Your Cup Thursday  at  Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olsen

Share Your Cup Thursday
I found a very nice tutorial for  panoramic 'sugar' eggs.

I was out the door and on my way to Dollar Tree to buy a plastic egg before you could say, "Weren't  you going to vacuum?"
Although I skipped a few of the steps that make the Penny Wise  version more artistic than mine, I am more than happy to have a panoramic egg this Easter !

side view

Here is a teaser picture from Pennywise. 

I chose this lamb so my egg will match some of my swap goodies from Vintage Bettys.
And now I really do need to go vacuum!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swap Goodies from Vintage Bettys

Hurrying out to the car I notice a big pink package on the step, there is just enough time for me to place it inside before I head back out to the car. As usual I'm running late!
After  a long day and a late night I have the pink box in my hands and am thrilled to see it's from my (521 Lake Street Easter Swap) swap partner  Michele at Vintage Bettys. Angst ensues as there is no way I have enough light to take adequate pictures tonight. Feeling like a kid being sent to bed on Christmas eve I decide to open the box in the morning.
 It's the butt crack of dawn and I am laying in bed thinking about the pink box on the dining room table. I just can't wait a moment longer! Down I go, dragggggg in more lights into the dining room so I can get some decent pictures and tear in.

It seems that the box is bottomless... every time I unwrap a gift, there is another under it!
 So many goodies! They will be turning up in posts all season!

 A basket overflows with seed packets, candy, vintage cards, supplies and ornaments.
Laura and Michele worked together on their projects. Is n't the paper clay lamb Laura made the sweetest ever?
I love the detail on the pedestal Michele made.

This Miss will be right at home with my Bonnet Girl Figurines.

She seems to have found a friend in the white bunny from Creative Home Expressions.
 And isn't this pin darling? 

 Beautiful trims are always wonderful to receive. And I LOVE these clothes pins -  I will use them on an upcoming project.

In addition to some wonderful vintage card are some Post-it backed repro's. Brilliant idea!
The vintage floral hankie has a scalloped edge trimmed in pink. And the little lamb book mark already has a job keeping my place in The Full Cupboard of Life, by  Alexander McCall Smith.
Another lamb frolics across the front of the basket Michele made while Uncle Wiggly waves his hat 

Can you believe ALL this came in one box?
 I am so lucky to have  Michele from Vintage Bettys as my very generous swap partner!
 I  take my pictures and run upstairs to my office to send Michele a thank you.
 My package came the day before I was heading out of town so I've had to wait nearly a week to show off all my treasures.

 And here, finally! Is a close up of the spoolie she made for me.

 The crystal hat pins are the perfect finishing touch.  I've seen some very nice spoolies during this swap but I can honestly say I think this is the prettiest ever.
The swap was such a fun experience and it was great to get to know Michele from Vintage Bettys. She is such a sweet heart, I know she must be a blessing to everyone she meets.
I love visiting Laura and Michele at
 Vintage Bettys  and I know you will too!
Check out Vintage Betty's for a tutorial to make this adorable Easter basket.
The picture below is from their site,  you can see some of Laura's yummy paper clay creations in the background.

Another teaser from one of my favorite posts at  Vintage Bettys.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring is Here - More Easter Card Images


Spring is here  and out come bright  pinks, yellows, and blues. Even gaudy Dollar Tree flowers are beautiful to my winter weary eyes. Out come odd little collections; a few Bonnet Ladies, a jaunty lamb with his cart and a handful of other figural planters.

I buy chenille chicks, and Styrofoam eggs painted colors no egg has ever been laid, curling ribbon and butterfly bows. Pipe cleaners and odd little do-dads.
 Ribbon in every shade from hot pink to ballet slipper. And glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.
 Sweet birds in muted colors guard a treasure trove of  craft supplies. Pale yellows and green gravitate to one  side of my work surface, the neat side. Everything soft, sweet and comforting gathers around my grandmothers picture. Looking at it now I see an unwitting shrine.
This time of year my grandmother feels so close to me, as if she just stepped into the next room.  The big ceramic tea mug is an echo of  heavy china mugs we used for ' just us' teas.   These early Spring afternoons I find myself bypassing the microwave and setting a pot of water on the stove, needing to hear the hiss and spit of water just on the boil.  I scald my cup, tossing the water into the dishpan instead of down the drain because it was what she did. 
As I think of her teaching me, and later my children, nursery rhythms and Spring time songs  my hands move and glue, glitter, bits of ribbon and something sparkling come together and a story begins to form around a fuzzy little character.
A  tres chic bunny visits Peter Cotton tail.
Who is working in his garden.
 She has a present for him!
 Voila! A kitschy and fun little Easter vignette for me !
And some vintage Easter card images for you.










Monday, March 18, 2013

Creative Wings Easter Swap 2013 Update

We'll always have P A R I S.

Rat-a-tat-tat! The postman's tattoo  brings me scurrying from my sickbed outpost - the couch - to the front door. By the time I step out onto the porch he is half way down the block, head down shoulders hunched against the wind and driving rain. I scoop up the tower of brown paper parcels and back inside I go.

Darling tin Easter card and paisley S.

Boxes spill from my arms onto the dining room table.  Sorting through them I am pleased to find one for me amid the jumble of mostly business related bits and pieces. It's a package from Kathy at Creative Home Expressions for the Creative Wings Boutique Spring Has Sprung Swap!

What a generous swap partner!

 Speckled eggs, beribboned lavender sachet, embellishments, ribbon, a pretty French tag, scrabble letters, and a lovely note were just some of the gifts tucked into a peat pot basket.

Petite ceramic bunny considers a new nest.
 I wish I could get a picture that captures the charm of this peat pot basket.

Bunnies dance around a festive cabbage. A crystal 'moon' shines above.


 My swap preferences were
 'Paris Flea Market', 'Shabby Chic but not too much lace', pink,  white and cream, and black and white . I could not have gotten luckier than to be paired with Kathy from Creative Home Expressions. Comfortable Elegance. Top drawer up cycling.  An Etsy shop that makes me drool.


2013 03 12_0634
Kathy provides concise tutorials and great photos as well as all the dish-y details on her  flea market/ thrift shop make overs. 


The dresser above is one of my favorite Creative Home Expression make overs.  A visit to Creative Home Expressions is always inspiring.

For the curious some pictures of my nut cup basket and goodies for Kathy are below.