Thursday, March 7, 2013

Memoirs of an Eclectic Shorebird:Happiness and Starched Cotton, Mid-Century Pattern People Images and Flashcards

Happiness smells liked starched cotton, sunshine and crisp white sheets flapping on the line. My brothers and I are shrieking with laughter because Buttons, our  poodle/terrier mix is chasing us around the clothesline.  


 Our grubby hands grab fabric and we roll, wrap ourselves in the sheets, sending clothes pins springing. The clothesline bounces and sways, we are lifted and set back down; it feels like riding a wave. It is Spring and we have been loosed on the world again.

These Pattern Cover girls would look right at home with Sally, Dick and Jane. don't you think?

I print out multiples so I can layer up the image. 
 Looking up at the world of adults is dazzling, half blinding, the sun seems to rest on their shoulders. They are giants, the sun is always on their shoulder, and I can't quite see their faces.

My mother's bathroom shelf holds a jar of Noxzema, a bottle of Beige Cover Girl foundation, and  a brow pencil.  A shoe box full of bristly rollers and bobby pins is stored under the sink.  With her dark brown curls and pixie cut, her cornflower blue eyes, and petite figure she is a stunningly beautiful woman.  She is beautiful to us because she is ours, and we worship her.  Her happy smile lights up her face, our hearts, our home.  We throw ourselves at her, bury our faces in the full skirts of her starched cotton dress and cling like burrs.

Pretty in Pink!

One day I have a starched cotton dress of my own. And soft white gloves, ankle socks and dainty shoes. There is a hair band and - be still my heart - a white patent leather purse! 

I cannot wait  to show off my finery! Foil wrapped pots of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths edge the wide porch steps at Grandmother's house. The side garden is a carpet of violets and cascades of bridal wreath. Lily of the valley perfumes the air.
My older cousin Vicky and I work hard at being very lady-like.

It will not last. Soon we are racing around the yard, our faces sweaty, our socks bunched down in our shoes. We are loud and rambunctious, our knees grass stained and our dresses wet from gulping drinks of water from the hose. Still, there has been a shift, and soon patterns come home with pictures of  Girls in Spring Finery  and our thoughts turn to  starched cotton  dresses - complete with colorful rick rack trim.

The flashcards pictured above are from a set I purchased on Etsy from Hudsonsholidays, but flashcards are fairly simple to make using Microsoft Word. After opening a new document go to Insert, click on Shapes, drop down Shapes menu. Choose desired shape. I used Rounded Rectangle below. After sizing your shape, Click on Insert. Click on Text box. Add text box to each shape. Choose desired font, size etc.  The items below were saved as a pdf, then converted to png, or jpeg.   You can also save then manipulate the image below.

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