Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow? Mini flash cards & Hallmark doll card images

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells,

and pretty maids all in a row

Spring has been an Ugly Duckling  in the north east.

And I have spent my time with seed catalogs and garden blogs. Making plans.

My Pretty Maid Hallmark Doll Card 1947

It is cold and raining but I don't mind. I am curled up with a cup of tea.  My father is on the phone discussing raised beds and vertical gardening. This is an old conversation and I recite my part, then listen to his voice more than the words.'"Drop three matches into the hole, add a little soil then the pepper plant. " 

"I'm gonna plant nasturtiums at the corner of the raised bed,"  I have  every spring since I was three when my great grandfather explained to me that  was where one put nasturtiums. "And marigolds of course."
"Of course," he agrees. "Don't forget a border of radishes will keep bugs from eating the tomato plants.  Can you get chicken manure or do you want  me to bring you some? "

Little Bo Beep Hallmark Doll Card 1947

One year my brothers spent a week shoveling fresh chicken manure for a local gardener.  I had pitched a fit at the pure unfairness that the boys got to spend the day at one of my favorite gardens, a garden with a tractor, while I was consigned to dance school.  Dance school, I observed darkly, was for prissy little sissy girls. That night I watched my exhausted, extremely fragrant brothers fall asleep at the dinner table, forks in hand. I thought about the new patent leather carrying case with the pink leotard and ballet slippers abandoned in the back seat of the Oldsmobile. Maybe dance school wasn't so bad after all.

"I'll buy a bag of desiccated manure at the nursery," I say. "Do you want morning glory seeds? I have a LOT. They grow like weeds here."
"Plant some to shade the zinnias," Dad replies. "You always burn up the zinnias." And he's right, I always burn up the zinnias. 

"If you don't want manure, what about shells. There are bushel baskets of them here." At one time it was common to see sun bleached shells used as a border in a flower garden.
"Sure. Yes, Dad, I'll take the shells."
 Cinderella Hallmark Doll Card 1947
" I want some more lilac." I say. "I'm thinking about doing some cuttings."
"Well, here's what you do," he begins, and I listen closely because it is nice to hear his voice.


How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells,

and pretty maids all in a row.

The Queen of Hearts  Hallmark Doll Card 1947



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