Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ooh la la Queen of Everything!

Rainy day. Quiet night. 

Tea stained medallions. Glitter, pink satin ribbon and crepe paper.

Dainty Streamers fit for a Queen

  scepters ... some pretty, some garish


made with
whatever bits and pieces strike my fancy

 Christmas tree that didn’t want to hibernate comes in handy .  

Some mini flashcards fit right in. A project-in-process a little nearer completion.

Queen of the Craft Room

I will  be partying at 

 I would love to have you join me for my link party, Share Your Cup!

where my favorite pick this week is 
Here is a teaser picture. I picked Penny's post for two reasons. One is because I have had ducks ponds and know how much work it is to clean them. Her solution is brilliant!  (You'll have to visit her and figure out the second reason yourself) 
 I am highlighting PennyWise as a favorite from PinkSaturday because I am going to try this myself. PennyWise did the Giant Panoramic Egg I highlighted at Easter. Brilliant!