Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 Where Bloggers Create - Welcome to my Craft Space!

The Boy Child's old room is evolving into craft and office space. For now, I'm happy to make use of what is here. The dresser holds vintage table cloths and craft supplies.

 The dresser top is slowly filled as projects are completed.. when everything is packed and shipped off  the process starts again! 
Some mid century modern lighting keeps the space fun. 


 You may have seen this branch harboring witches, fairies, and a harvest moon. 

Cheap, practical, functional. My work surface is a board from Ikea 'AS IS'

and rests on my lateral file.

A good task light and some cutting mats. I use a basket to gather the bits and pieces for a project. Tools  collect on the tray during project.  A lace panel hides the closet.

 Rustic ladders hold linens.  
  And often a bunch of flowers.  
 Decorating magazines put me in the mood to spruce up. 
 Supplies are easy to  reach on the bookcase behind the worktop.

  The Christmas craft trinity  - 'snow' , tinsel, and bottle trees.
 Nursery bunny watches over the sharps. Tin picnic baskets serve as storage.  
 A perch for projects. 
 A sweet faced mascot.  
  A huddle of pillows.  
And a cozy kitten to snuggle in them.

 Thank you for visiting!
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