Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Free 4th of July Flashcards plus Sally, Dick & Jane Images

July is shaping up to be as busy as June!
 Below is the extent of my 4th of July decorating.

A Debbie- Dabble inspired  vignette featuring a red pitcher and tin picnic basket.  The paper decorations are from - where else? The Dollar Tree! The little tin buttons I used on my 4th of July Banner are from The Dollar Tree too.

I started a 4th of July Banner - maybe it will be finished by next 4th of July! Finished or not it's  going to hang it in the entry way window.

Here are the mini flashcards I created for the banner, and the Sally, Dick and Jane images I used.
The homey images speak to me of the childhood I enjoyed.

Whatever your holiday holds, I hope it is happy and healthy and full of blessings!

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