Monday, August 19, 2013

Liebster ? For Moi?

Imagine my surprise and delight!
Laura at Sunday View   choose me as one of her Leibster recipients! 
 I'm doubly flattered because Sunday View is on of my favorite blogs. 
  Laura designs for Oxford Press and if you have not seen her Tag Tuesday 
V is for Votive
 creations for the Alphabet tag series you need to! 
Y is for Yesteryear
Below is a link to one of my favorite Sunday View posts. It is one of  the most original and whimsical creations I've seen. 
I promise you will want to yell 'Brilliant!' Slap your forehead and shout, "Why didn't I think of that!" Squeal with delight, and possibly suffer a pang of jealousy because she is so darn talented. Having done all of the above, I am moving on to Copy Cat and planning a trip to Starbucks to gather supplies.  
You'll also want to visit  Laura's other recipient - expat Brittany - The Rococo Roamer . Besides great travel posts she creates the most delish items like the clutch below.
This beauty is  the prize in a give-away. Brittany is talented and generous.
Congratulations Brittany!

The Liebster award is a token of recognition that bloggers award to fellow bloggers who they think deserve more recognition. The German word, "Liebster," roughly translates to "Dearest." The guidelines of this award are as follows:

  • Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to them in your acceptance post!
  • Share 11 interesting things about yourself.  Don't be shy, and don't worry if they aren't relevant to the topic of your blog.  They aren't supposed to be!
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger who awarded you asked in their post.
  • Create your own set of 11 questions for the next recipients of the award.
  • Pass the award to some of your own favorite bloggers!  Each awardee should have less than 200 followers for their blog.
And now 11 things about me.
1. I have a Ghost Story.
2. A distant ancestress was accused of  sorcery and threatened with being burned as a witch.
3. I'm dyslexic.
4. I overcame agoraphobia.
5. My 5 minutes of fame occurred onstage with a local TV personality, The Ghoul, at a country club Halloween Party.
6. I fostered St. Bernard dogs.
7. I dated the drummer from one of Detroit's 10 Best Bands .
8. I first learned to ride a horse bareback, no bit. 
9. I was once reported as run away from home. Naked.  (I was neither. Swear.)
10. I once wrote for a local rag.
11. I studied creative writing with one of my states Poet Laureates.
Me and Bear - one of my foster buddies - fireside.

Places I party - hope to see you there!

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