Saturday, September 7, 2013

And the Award Goes To...

Me  for most cluttered dining room table?
A few weeks ago Laura at Sunday View  

 choose me as one of her Leibster recipients and now it is time for me to announce my recipients

 The first recipient  is

Christina is an artist who specializes in animal paintings and whimsical artwork whose work can be seen at her Website Paint and Paws . She is also the author of a blog dedicated to "celebrating life's little joys with whimsical, budget friendly projects." 
Item image 
 Original Art by CPaul
I follow Christina 's blog because I like how she sees things. . .  There is a box in my house that  the cats like to lay in. It is decorated in shed fur and cat sneezes.   Christina's cat has the SAME box. Here is what hers  looks like .  I look at a cardboard cat box and think, "Remember to hide that in the closet when people drop by." Christina looks at the SAME box and thinks, "Cat Palace!"  

 Penny Wise  inspires me to look at things a little differently. To think out side the box (I'll pause now so everyone can groan!) .   I see foam pool noodles and plastic bowls  and marshmallows and think, "Summer's ending, time to clean up." - Christina sees  the makings of a  Woodland Teato celebrate a late Summer afternoon.  The post is chock full of adaptable projects  and budget  friendly, kid friendly  things to assemble  and eat.
I hope you'll hop on over and give Christina some well deserved blog love and check out ALL of her FABULOUS ideas.

The Liebster award is a token of recognition that bloggers award to fellow bloggers who they think deserve more recognition. The German word, "Liebster," roughly translates to "Dearest." The guidelines of this award are as follows:


  • Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to them in your acceptance post!
  • Share 11 interesting things about yourself.  Don't be shy, and don't worry if they aren't relevant to the topic of your blog.  They aren't supposed to be!
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger who awarded you asked in their post.
  • Create your own set of 11 questions for the next recipients of the award.
  • Pass the award to some of your own favorite bloggers!  Each awardee should have less than 200 followers for their blog.  

 Below are my 11 questions.
1.      What are your favorite holiday foods?
2.      What is a favorite childhood memory?
3.      If you could have a super power what would it be?
4.      What are two pet peeves?
5.      Where would your dream vacation take place?
6.      What are you most proud of?
7.      Are you impulsive or a planner?
8.      Imagine you are attending a gala fancy dress ball.  What does your costume look like? The sky’s the limit!
9.      Who inspired you?
10.    Where do you love to shop?
11.    If you could go back in time where and when would you go? ( It can’t be your personal time line)
 Come Join the fun!

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