Friday, November 1, 2013

Belleek Limpet Teacup

The thick  marine layer amplifies the bird chatter outside my window.
It turns the green and gold leaves weirdly neon. 
One of those days when daylight never quite catches on.
 I've been cozy in my office  plodding through problems and paperwork.
 But now it is time to stretch my legs and fill my cup with tea .
Belleek Limpet
6th Mark
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  1. That white pillow with the flowers is amazing. I am pinning it so I can copy it.

  2. The Porcelain Rose makes some fabulous stuff! I am a great admirer of her work.

  3. Susan, I love your beautiful teacup with the aqua beads and bottle! You are always so sweet to give us hostesses a shout out! That pillow is gorgeous! Must go check it out more.

  4. Thank you Jann for visiting. Even though we live a continent apart I really do feel like we're neighbors. Glad to give my hostess the credit they deserve! I may goof things up a bit occasionally but it's important to me to be a good Blog Land neighbor.

  5. Susan,
    Thank for leaving a nice comment and following Botanic Bleu's blog, Pinterest, and Facebook. When I popped over to visit you, I realized you are the blogger who nominated Pennywise for the Liebster Award. So I am even more thrilled to find you.


  6. I"ve always liked Belleek. We were just in an Irish shop today and saw some of the newer things...just gorgeous. Your teacup has such looks like a seashell and reminds me of the beach! :)

  7. Love all the Halloween decor! and I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog as well :)

  8. Hi Susan, love the artistry in snapping these items :)

    Thanks for the visit and the comment on my page.

    I'm also a fan of teacups, cups in general, and saucers.

    This post inspires me to post something today :D

  9. Love the tea cup, so pretty. Tea is my favorite drink! Laura

  10. Nice to meet you from Pink Sat. Love your Belleek teacup. So pretty! And your other photos are lovely!


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