Sunday, May 25, 2014

Growing Up in a Sally,Dick, and Jane World #1

At dusk Mother stands on the porch and watches our  group of neighborhood children  swoop around the neighbor's lawn like an exaltation of sparrows.  Her voice raises in the sing- song call of our names. Pill, Susie, Buzz! Time to come in!

We are shocked. How can it be time for baths?

 One by one our grass stained play clothes are added to the laundry hamper and we are scrubbed clean in our turn.
*   *   *

Growing up Sally, Dick and Jane meant growing up with the Greatest Generation as parents or grandparents.  The Golden Rule was our standard of behavior.  The line between childhood and adult seemed more firmly drawn.  The innocence of youth lasted a little bit longer.
Did you Grow up in a Sally, Dick and Jane World ? Do you think parents can give their children a Sally Dick and Jane childhood today?
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