Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer so Far

The veranda as we jokingly call the back porch, is a favorite place for me to have my 1st cup of coffee and gather my thoughts for the day ahead.

It is a well worn homey but  colorful spot.

Spicy scented geranium. 

A weathered but benevolent sun shines on regardless of the weather.

Shredder enjoys his own  early morning ritual.

Harriet insists the lace panel be pulled aside so she can keep watch for Raggedy Tiger Cat.

Who is not very raggedy since he has come to live in his own snug house in our back garden. Raggedy Tiger Cat likes breakfast served promptly at 7 .

This morning I enjoy my morning cup  and think about summer, so far.
Summer so far ... 
has featured lots of fresh berries and 'homemades'.

 Home made ice cream.

Home made ice cream sandwiches have been a big favorite...
As well as strawberry shortcake - this time with homemade pound cake.

We burned off  some of these extra calories on the pool and deck demo project.

I spent a couple wonderful  weekends  with my mom. She has enjoyed visits from feathered friends (who land in the pool then waddle over to their own little pond) for years and years. 

We spent time doing some of our  favorite things - visiting  yard sales and thrift shops!

 5 dollar chandy - I have the candle sleeves - just not in picture!
Curbside treasure - a redo will wait until after the new shed is finished.

There were visits to the  boardwalk.
Days at the  beach.
And a wedding!

I hope that your summer so far has been full of fun, family, and blessings.
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Hydrangea Tea Set on the Veranda

Summer is languid now. It is a warm scent difficult to describe but known to anyone who has ever walked down a dirt road on an August afternoon. 

Spring pastels make room for summer's gaudy colors.

There is always a little sun for the zinnias and a little shade for the impatiens.

Gold finch' sport their summer colors amid the cattails and roadside thistle. 

Portulaca, ornamental grasses and hydrangea, what I think of as 'beach plants', are coming on strong.

There will be  little to no rain for the next month and living has extended to the back porch - or as we jokingly call it the Veranda.

 It has become my afternoon refuge, a place for sumptuous teas, good books, or just a quiet hour listening to the chatter of birds and the tinkle of ice in a tall sweating glass of fresh lemonade. 

Vintage linens and lace have been washed in lemon water and now dry in the sun.  The breeze lifts them and the scent of sun dried linen perfumes the air.  

Today I am using this pretty hydrangea tea set which was a birthday gift to me from my children. I love it's soft colors and gold accents. I love the balance of the pieces, how they fit so perfectly in hand.  It is not a distinguished brand but I would not trade it for one hundred Aynsley's.

My children bought me this set at a time of great uncertainty and very little money.  When I hold this tea pot I remember the joyful anticipation in my children's' eyes when they handed me the box.
"Open this one first."   

While you sip your tea, let me share a word on a few details...

In a moment of luck I found the pair of vintage earrings for 50 cents the same day I set up this tea. I think they are a perfect accent. The lace panels drying on the railing are from the same yard sale. 

The swag is about 36 inches. It is made from strips of tulle and ribbon. Rainbow sprinkles inspired the color choice!

 The wreaths are strips of fine netting in cotton candy colors tied to a embroidery hoop.  Favorite books go incognito in fabric covers. The gloves belonged to my MIL - aren't they sweet?

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Tea in the Library #37

Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,

 And a hundred visions and revisions,

Before the taking of toast and tea. -T.S. Eliot
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