Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Blustery Day!

Another Blustery Day!

The garden looks cold and wet and the sky is dull as tarnished pewter. Not at all inviting, so I decide to take my coffee up to my office/ craft room.

The next couple days will be devoted to craft projects so I begin my settling in ritual, topping off my cup of coffee, choosing an audio book. Elizabeth Peters seems perfect company. I love the stiff upper lip humor and the melodrama as heroine Amelia Peabody, to her husbands’ chagrin, foils Criminal Masterminds, engages in matchmaking, and finds a nice tomb for serving tea.

I recently embarrassed myself by asking my daughter who had
 just passed her ipod on to me,
 ' Does this play books-on-tape?' 

I am presently working on some Hallloween projects using  purchased downloads from Altered Artifacts, some of my own work, and free downloads from My Fanciful Muse, and the Graphics Fairy. These are some of my favourite resources and I am a devoted fan of all three artists.

side 1

side 2

 A closer look at the Counts Castle .

Thank you to My Fanciful Muse for the Regency Fashion Plate Ladies and the Ballerina.

Halloween ballerina - My Fanciful Muse 
The Graphics Fairy moon is my favorite to date. Moon Man Vintage Graphic .

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