Thursday, November 29, 2012

Harvest Table

The project started with a magazine picture and was inspired by one of my favorite HDTV shows - The High Low Project.   A fabulous harvest table trimmed with wrought iron. You know - that Paris Flea Market vibe, rustic yet elegant

Two legs, a stringer and a plank top. Sounded simple enough to me.A piece of foam core was used to figure out just how big a harvest table the room could hold. After studying DIY plans at This Old House , and a visit to the mill we had a plan! The custom table top was assembled at the mill.

 Iron legs from vintage sewing machine stands became the decorative cast iron metal work. Thanks to this advice from a pro the finish came out beautifully. Use a foam roller to apply thin coats of ureathane. Apply and let dry 2 coats before sanding with a 180 or higher sandpaper.  Use the sanding to remove any imperfections - don't try to 'fix' anything while applying the ureathane with the roller.

 C'est magnifique!



  1. The harvest tables is also same a farm table. The price is also are affordable. So every one can buy for his /her home. This is highly beneficial and economic.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am very happy with the table, and thankful to have someone who can build such things.


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