Monday, December 31, 2012

Champagne Wishes for the New Year -Free Project Download

   I love Christmas week. The time of preparation is done, the holiday is here and to be enjoyed. I am able to set aside my (usual) unrealistic expectations and just embrace the moment. One of my favorite holiday memories is coffee klatching with a couple other young-mother neighbors. We sat around a kitchen table full of  remnants of the previous nights holiday party  sampling Uncle Vinnie's nut roll, and B's spritz cookies. Some of us were in our PJ's and we were all either nursing infants or quite pregnant.  When I say quite I mean hugely, the stage of pregnancy when waddling segues into a Frankenstein monster sort of lumbering. 
   It was a perfect winter day, the sun shone in a sky blue, the air dry and cold, keeping the recent snow light and powdery.We could see and hear the children playing in the yard.
   There was a knock at the back door, and a police officer walked into the kitchen leading a large smiling  black dog. The officer had been passing the house when one of the children opened the back gate and the dog make his escape.  The young officer's expression shifted from stern to nervous to shocked as he scanned  the room taking in the sight of a group of women in pajamas, babies at breast or looking like  labor was eminent. About that time we ladies realized that amid the party clutter on the table were bottles of booze and glasses from what had been a very well stocked bar from the previous nights party.  A moment of silence ensued. Suddenly a young boy burst into the kitchen excited to share the news that an actual police car was parked in front of their house.  B offered the officer coffee and a cookie, he refused graciously and got the heck out of there.  B did the only sensible thing. She followed the officer out, removed the belt from her robe and used it to secure the gate, came back in and refilled coffee cups.  
   As I recall that new year  was full of new life, health and friendship, luxuriant gardens and early morning bicycle rides. Life as sweet and crisp as a cold champagne toast at the stroke of twelve on New Year's Eve.
Champagne Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Pink sparkles and feather hats! What's not to love? I'm making these in a variety of sizes and some with trees some with champagne bottles. I used an empty ribbon spool for the base.

Project Sheet plus some extra trees in smaller and larger sizes.

I used three tree shapes to make a dimensional tree.



These bells look fabulous glittered up.

 Champagne bottles  assorted sizes. How fun are these?

I like the angle and popped cork on this bottle. Think I'll try adding some tinsel  'bubbly'.  

This tree is a favorite. Super versatile. Hope you enjoy it too!
Large tree.

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