Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Vignette Christmas

Happiness is some glue, some paper and some glitter!
This ornament vignette was inspired by high school era memories. Our first home as a blended family was in a charming house built in the 40's which was rumoured to have been a Sears Dream Home. It had a white fireplace.
Back in the day driftwood was plentiful and most days included at least a quick trip to look at the ocean and scavenge up enough wood for a fire.

 My beautiful mom had the  impressive but  annoying  knack for guessing every Christmas gift without a hint-something that flabbergasted my Original Stepfather.  One Christmas during their Honeymoon Years he bought her a pretty little gold and amethyst ring. He taped the box to the inside of a cinder block, thoroughly disguised the block and wrapped that.
I still remember the look on his face and how hard we all laughed when she guess what it was.

IF you keep penguins for pets snow blocks for seats make perfect sense...
Frosty approves!

I love the little dog singing with the snowman.

The penguins may be dreaming of a white Christmas but I'm dreaming of a second cuppa coffee. Time for a refill and to get to work.
 Happy Friday!

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