Monday, January 21, 2013

Stray Cat Blues 3 Vintage Images featuring Kittens

I seem to have become a safe house for an abandoned tabby cat. I'd like to catch him and get him to the vet but he's very skittish. He turned up limping, and his right ear is ragged. There is a dose of antibiotics in his supper dish and a prayer on my lips. He was on my mind, ( he and the ancient gray tabby, who needed ANOTHER visit to the vet), when I was choosing images for a project.

Advent Star garland featuring Vintage Christmas Card images . The garland is about 4 foot long and will swag across my office window . I used one large, two medium and six small stars.

Only the large center star is the Singing Kittens, but I made three sizes for future projects. The medium and small stars for the garland are combinations of scrap booking paper, vintage and reproduced images.

The numbers are Papyrus in Bold 48pt, printed out and glued to 1 1/4 inch disks.

I finished up with some small  ornaments.

The project was inspired by a garland on Creative Breathing, where you can also find a plain star template and a wonderful tutorial.
Free images. Download for personal use.

Kitten in Boot.

Kittens in Basket Christmas Card.

Kittens and Basket double sided. 

Smaller version.

 Singing Kittens Stars in three sizes.

Large Singing Kittens Star

Small Singing Kittens Star

Medium Singing Kitten Stars

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