Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Beach in January Post Sandy

It's January, and the weather is always a mixed bag here in New Jersey. This morning it is wet, damp, chilly and the western sky is the color of steel girders. To the east, thick rain clouds hang under the hazy marine layer. There is every shade of gray, blue, and purple.  It pulls you in, and if you have left your phone in the car studying it soothes out the rough spots in your heart and something in side you sighs and now traffic sounds fade and all you hear are the waves.    Cold as it is, there is an underlying softness to the air. The bulky sweater shirt is enough, and being cold feels fine now, cheeks not quite stinging, and the car heater will feel good, and even better, the knowledge that the power is  back on at home.
 picture by Clayton & Weiss

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