Thursday, February 28, 2013

Opening an Old Dresser Drawer - Free Pink Fuzzy Bunny and Baby Girl Card Images

Even though it is a cold, damp and grey day, the air has changed and  no matter how nasty the weather there is no denying Spring is on the way. The air is softer now, and the wet soil has a mustier earthier scent, like the odor one experiences when first opening an old dresser drawer.

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The odor always makes me think of the small dresser we used as a baby changing table. A hand-me-down three drawers deep, with a hundred coats of white enamel it fit our 'early attic' décor perfectly.   My husband constructed a topper, I lined the drawers with wrapping paper saved from baby shower gifts.

 The nursery was painted pale green and we hung crisp white cotton curtains that sported a band of pastel plaid coordinated with pastel plaid bumpers. Thrift shop frames and pictures salvaged from a Peter Rabbit calendar made the room cheery. Over the crib that  my brothers and I had slept in hung a brightly colored mobile of songbirds from my own nursery days. We were ready!
 Green and yellow! So much green and yellow! The safe colors back when girl or boy was a wonderful surprise. And then an explosion of pink when our darling girl made her debut.


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