Monday, March 18, 2013

Creative Wings Easter Swap 2013 Update

We'll always have P A R I S.

Rat-a-tat-tat! The postman's tattoo  brings me scurrying from my sickbed outpost - the couch - to the front door. By the time I step out onto the porch he is half way down the block, head down shoulders hunched against the wind and driving rain. I scoop up the tower of brown paper parcels and back inside I go.

Darling tin Easter card and paisley S.

Boxes spill from my arms onto the dining room table.  Sorting through them I am pleased to find one for me amid the jumble of mostly business related bits and pieces. It's a package from Kathy at Creative Home Expressions for the Creative Wings Boutique Spring Has Sprung Swap!

What a generous swap partner!

 Speckled eggs, beribboned lavender sachet, embellishments, ribbon, a pretty French tag, scrabble letters, and a lovely note were just some of the gifts tucked into a peat pot basket.

Petite ceramic bunny considers a new nest.
 I wish I could get a picture that captures the charm of this peat pot basket.

Bunnies dance around a festive cabbage. A crystal 'moon' shines above.


 My swap preferences were
 'Paris Flea Market', 'Shabby Chic but not too much lace', pink,  white and cream, and black and white . I could not have gotten luckier than to be paired with Kathy from Creative Home Expressions. Comfortable Elegance. Top drawer up cycling.  An Etsy shop that makes me drool.


2013 03 12_0634
Kathy provides concise tutorials and great photos as well as all the dish-y details on her  flea market/ thrift shop make overs. 


The dresser above is one of my favorite Creative Home Expression make overs.  A visit to Creative Home Expressions is always inspiring.

For the curious some pictures of my nut cup basket and goodies for Kathy are below. 



  1. How wonderful to receive such wonderful goodies . And I love the basket u made for Kathy as well...

  2. you scored big, such lovely things

  3. You are such a sweetie, Susan! Thank you for such lovely words in your post. I'm so glad you liked everything! : ) I may have to "steal" a couple of your pictures since I forgot to take pictures before the baskets left me. I was so busy making sure I could fit them in the cellophane bags, I forgot to take them out again for photos!

    P.S. I have a shout out going out to you this week on your flashcards you shared.

  4. Hello Susan!
    What a delightful treasure trove of Easter goodness. Kathy was so thoughtful. I love the spoolie with the green grass growing from the ground up. Every thing is soooo sweet!
    Have a Happy Day, myfriend.
    Carolynn xo


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