Thursday, June 27, 2013

Patio House & Pink Honeysuckle

June is flying by!

Our patio house project is well underway. The screening and canopy got quite damaged in the storm (Sandy). He Who Builds Things decided it time for an upgrade. Below is the patio last summer.

If you look closely you may be able to see The Groundhog resting on the bottom step of the pool deck. 

 The structure seems so much bigger now, but it has the same footprint. Although the mulberry tree had to be pruned back to allow for construction, we wanted to keep it, and the mock cherry next to it, for shade and  because they are such great food sources for the local fauna.

(The Groundhog is a dedicated groundskeeper and eats the leaves as fast as they fall  as well as the tender shoots of weeds that grow in the pathway.)

You can see a dry patch in front of the back of the grill. (Look ma, a paradox!) More lavender will be planted there.  I can envision my old sundial finding a home right there, where the potted palm is resting. The palm likes the pool deck but gets there in stages - it's heavy! I'll sneak in some  thyme and oregano and other herbs in with the lavender, things that like full sun and good drainage.
 Although everything is in disarray the pink honeysuckle is blooming and  my heart is happy. It pulls me into the moment and all I can see is the firework of pinks against the gloss green leaves.The pink honeysuckle covers a portion of the  fence and will be a great backdrop for the lavender and herbs I want to plant. If you look at the 1st picture, left side - the big green blob covering the fence - that's the pink honeysuckle!

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  1. OH your patio house is wonderful! We're about to start on a screened porch detached from the house - I can't wait!!! Thanks for stopping by my site, I hope your ice ring turns out great. By the way someone let me know she'd made them for years in a metal bundt pan and it does work. Take care - Dawn

  2. This is going to be such a beautiful retreat when it is finished. Thank you for your sweet comment about my blog party. I agree that it is intimate and nice to get to know the people who join each week. I love the posts on My Romantic Home's party, but I never get to more than three blogs out of the 300+ that post!
    Have a great week.

  3. The patio house is going to be great. How fun to have a ground hog for a gardener. lol! Your pink honeysuckle is gorgeous! I planted one by me deck last Fall. It's starting to grow nicely and I have really enjoyed the blooms. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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