Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 Where Bloggers Create - Welcome to my Craft Space!

The Boy Child's old room is evolving into craft and office space. For now, I'm happy to make use of what is here. The dresser holds vintage table cloths and craft supplies.

 The dresser top is slowly filled as projects are completed.. when everything is packed and shipped off  the process starts again! 
Some mid century modern lighting keeps the space fun. 


 You may have seen this branch harboring witches, fairies, and a harvest moon. 

Cheap, practical, functional. My work surface is a board from Ikea 'AS IS'

and rests on my lateral file.

A good task light and some cutting mats. I use a basket to gather the bits and pieces for a project. Tools  collect on the tray during project.  A lace panel hides the closet.

 Rustic ladders hold linens.  
  And often a bunch of flowers.  
 Decorating magazines put me in the mood to spruce up. 
 Supplies are easy to  reach on the bookcase behind the worktop.

  The Christmas craft trinity  - 'snow' , tinsel, and bottle trees.
 Nursery bunny watches over the sharps. Tin picnic baskets serve as storage.  
 A perch for projects. 
 A sweet faced mascot.  
  A huddle of pillows.  
And a cozy kitten to snuggle in them.

 Thank you for visiting!
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  1. Hi Susan, Thanks for visiting me from Pink Saturday. Your creative space is delightful. Love the old tablecloths made into pillows. Your cat looks quite comfy in this space. ~ Abby

  2. Susan
    what a charming creative space you have! I love it! The plaid picnic baskets really made me smile! Also loved your sweet calico (we have one as well)...thanks for sharing your beautiful space with us!


  3. Vintage basket, precious old ceramics, baskets, glass bottles filled with goodies . . . what a lovely place for inspiration.

    Thank you for your sweet words about my creative space.

  4. Such cute furry friends... I like how you incorporated a branch into your room. I have a small one but would like to expand upon the idea. Thanks for sharing your space! :-)

  5. Making the most out of what you have is the ultimate use of creativity and think you have done a wonderful job!! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!!

  6. Awesome welcoming and homey! Don't need all new furniture or storage to be creative and crafty. Love your handsome kitty :)

  7. I love your cozy creative space, Susan! It looks like you've got everything you need in here, including a window and some good lighting. I wish I had a window, but I'm just glad I've got my own little space.

  8. Dear Susan -
    Thank you for your visit to my little yarn room and for your sweet words - they touched my heart and I truly wish we could just sit and have a little chat.

    Your little space is filled with sparkly things and is cheery and quaint. Its not the size of the room -- its the way that our space inspires us and yours is just perfect. I see that you have a little friend to visit you there -- your calico kitty is beautiful and looks so much like my Bitty Kitty!

    As soon as I figure out how to do it -- I am going to sign up to follow your blog:)


  9. Susan I love you craft space. I am off to find a large branch since creativity has stuck.
    Thanks and Hugs

  10. Nice cosy space! Love that you have a space dedicated to finished projects. Gotta do that! What is kittie's name? Give a cuddle for me! HUgs!

  11. I LOVE the term "A huddle of pillows"!!
    Your cozy space is very welcoming ~ thank you for showing us round it!

  12. Your space is evolving wonderfully. It's wonderful to have a room of one's own, isn't it? Thank you for sharing.

  13. Hi Susan! LOVED seeing your creative space today! I'm a little slow-going, making the rounds to EVERYBODY, pretty much because I talk too much!!! (0; I loved the plaid picnic tins!!.. And after seeing yours, I may now keep a look out for a small ladder! (not sure if I can fit it though, but Lord knows, I'll TRY!)... Thanks for the tour, and nice to meet you! Have a great week! ~tina

  14. Hi Susan. I'm so glad you shared your creative space with us. It has lots of personal charm and I think that makes all the difference in a studio. I love the addition of the kitties -- both the stuffed one and the real one. Thank you for stopping by my studio.

  15. A sweet creative space, your kitty looks all happy and comfy. You have some cute vintage storage pieces.

    Thanks for sharing your space, happy summer!!!

  16. Hi Susan, you have such a cozy and inspiring space to create. Love your collection of vintage picnic baskets. You have everything you need handy to design. Love the charming style and the sweet kitties.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Have a great week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  17. So many things to love in your Studio! The nursery bunny, the picnic baskets, zinc topped masons... but most of all, your adorable cozy kitten (I think a home is not a home without one!) ;)

    Thank you for the lovely tour of your craft space!

  18. Even the boy child is gone, I can see you are tickled with your space for creating! So many lovely touches! I love that you have a branch suspended from the ceiling. Something I always wanted to do but never got around to it. So many ways to embellish it, right? Thanks for sharing.. I had such a fun time looking around!

  19. I love your little space-so well organized and so light and airy to create in. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Mary

  20. Great start. Love the tin picnic baskets.


  21. Fantastic space Susan. Thanks for coming by my blog too, this blog hop is fun.

  22. Hi Susan, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I love the way you have used old vintage items to hold your goodies, ie the blue canning jars and the metal picnic baskets. Everything looks like it functions very well. love the color of the room. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Linda

  23. Thanks so much for popping by. I love your stack of hat boxes and those vintage paper figures. Your space looks so cosy and ready for you to play in. Keep smiling and creating, thanks for sharing.

  24. Can't believe it took me this long to come here to see your space!! Better late than never!!
    What a great space! it is always so much fun re-purposing a space, isn't it?? I do wish mine was larger!! Love your storage ideas!!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  25. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love your pillows. xo Laura

  26. Susan, Thanks for sharing your creative space. Our spaces are always evolving and you have a great space to work with. I painted in a corner of my kitchen for a lot of years and it is so nice to have a dedicated space. Thank you so much for visiting my studio and your sweet comments. Happy creating.

  27. Hi Susan!

    don't you just love how craft spaces evolve?! I love displaying magazines and they motivate me too!
    Your kitty is adorable :)

  28. a sweet cozy place to be creative in, I'm seeing a lot of the tin picnic baskets popping up in blogland, I've got to keep an eye out for some when I'm out antiquing!

  29. Christmas Crafting Trinity - oh my gosh, too funny!! Although certainly true, must have glitter!!! And Romeo and I were loving us your mascot! But then we saw the real thing - Romeo wants to know if it's a girl kitty or boy kitty. You know he's secretly hoping for a girl kitty ;) We both enjoyed our tour of your studio! Love that you make practical use of what you have! Always a good thing!!! Thank you for sharing! We have a nice time!

    "her" and Romeo

  30. Hi Susan
    Thanks so much for stopping by and you are free to feature my pictures, thank you for the interest.
    Your studio looks like a cozy spot

  31. I love your pillows with the vintage fabrics! How pretty!

  32. Lol at "the Christmas craft trinity"!

  33. Susan, I love your space! Your tin collection had me drooling! Great ways to show off all of your pretties!

  34. Your work space is so cozy, inspiring and inviting. I am sure it is a workshop where magical creations go from an idea to a wondrous creation!
    Thank you for sharing!
    New Follower too:)

  35. Love your space, I am so glad that I joined this blog hop this year. Some very inspiring spaces. Thanks for sharing.


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