Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And The Occasional Skunk

I should start by explaining that although I now live in a (for me) urban area  the yard is deep and has those things necessary for wildlife habitation; fresh water, natural food sources, shelter and space to raise young.

And the skunk is and always has been a skunk. It's visits last year were occasional which made it a novelty, it presence easier to accept, like a kid home from college, bag of dirty laundry in hand.  The skunk  was referred to as The Skunk until suddenly there were three of them.
  We hadn't seen The  Skunk for a few weeks, then, at dusk one summer evening last year there it was - leading babies from the neighbors back garden to the stream ithat runs through our yard.  At that point we began  to call them Stinky-Stinks-a-lot , Skunky-skunks-a-lot and Mom.

Stinky and Skunky have markings that  remind me of Guy Fieri's hairdo.
 During the next  months Mom and the babies  were constant visitors at the stream then rooting for grubs and any nuts, seeds and berries which might be found.

We watched their antics from the patio. Then as fall closed in, from a back window . 

Come winter the three were roly-poly with fat and their fur shiny. 'Sleep tight, see you in the Spring,' I murmured after the first snow and no little skunk prints decorated the ground.
This spring and summer has been full of heavy rains, heat waves and harried activity. The back garden  has been overrun with  power tools, noise and disarray. Occasionally, in the deepest part of night we'd 'get wind' of a skunk in the area  but no sightings. I hoped Mom, Skunky, and Stinky had survived the winter and told myself they were fine. Skunks will travel far afield and keep multiple dens.  

 Now  the screen house project is mostly finished.

There is less noisy activity in the back garden.  Just the drone of bees and the hum of ceiling fans.

He who fixes things installed a dimmer on the lights. Brilliant!
It is so pleasant to be mosquito free in the screen house.

The waterfall , the stream, the scent of summer flowers

 on a balmy summer day ...

Dragon flies give way to fireflies

 and after dinner conversation becomes a one-more-glass-of-wine  night.

  On one such  evening dusk turned to twilight then dark before we decided to go inside.

The slap of the screen door closing ... the crunch of river stone under foot as we made our way up the path...

The impression of movement made me stop and peer through the railing of the back porch  before climbing the stairs. 

I found myself nose to nose with Skunky Skunks-A-Lot who was peering through the railings at me!

 There are still tools to put away, lumber to store, landscaping to do...  Work will wait, summer will not ... let's barbeque! 
I made a quick about face and we quietly retreated halfway down the path and waited.   A moment later the patter of little paws on the porch stairs and Stinky and Skunky ambled down the stairs and rounded the corner of the house where they polished off Raggedy Tiger Cat's left over kibbles.  The tiny solar lights along the path gave enough light to confirm their distinctive markings. It may seem a silly thing to you, but my heart just feels lighter for having seen those two silly little critters ambling along together with their roly-poly gait.
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  1. Okay, you have skunks and I have ground hogs!! Yes, I beleive that it now was a ground hog who gnawed my flowers down a few weeks ago. We put more latticr between the gate and the fence and that has kept him out!!

    Thanks so much for your visit!!

    LOVE your screen house. I would die for one like that!!


  2. What a cute post! Well, I know skunks can be real little stinkers! They must really like your house and I'm glad the two little ones survived too.
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Hi Susan,
    I just gave you a Liebster Award! You can check out what it's all about at my blog:


  4. Oooooooohhh! Darling post!
    Skunks can be a stinky problem.
    LOVE your screen house!!
    I am working on turning my shed into a shabby chic get-away. A little at a time. It doesn't have air conditioning so it gets very hot out there in the summer.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog and for your sweet comments. I am now following you and hope.... if you haven't already.... that you will follow me back.

  5. What a cute story. I visualized all of it! I think it's cute that they came back.

  6. Love this post. You captured the heart-essence of a summer night for me. I grow wistful for the fireflies of my childhood as we don't have them in So Cal. And our raccoons are not as "benign" as skunks--at least with the danger element anyway! :-)


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