Thursday, October 24, 2013

Genteel with Big Hair

Dainty china tea cups
inspire an endless fantasy of  white gloved ladies with perfect posture, small waists
 and Big Hair .  

 I imagine these ladies playing croquet on the lawns of the grand ocean front Victorian Cottages I visited with my grandmother.

 Blue skies and a flag snapping in the breeze…

The crack of the mallet hitting the ball… Genteel squeals of delight …

Tea served outside. Ornate cast iron chairs to perch
upon. .

Have another cup of tea.

 Battenberg lace ...

and visiting cards 

Those days are gone. But here, still, are the last of the season’s
roses and some late blooming lavender…
And a garden of dainty china tea cups.

Please join me at these wonderful parties
White gloves and Visiting cards optional

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*A picture from Noreen & Marti's blogs - would be a spoiler not a teaser - Trust me! Just go!


  1. What a beatuiful post! I LOVE the Victorian era and everything that goes with it. Yes, a Downton Abbey fan, here as well! Such a lovely time in history I think!

    1. I haven't watched Downton Abbey yet. I have this thought that I'm saving it or something... crazy huh? I like the IDEA of the Victorian Era it's a nice place to retreat to when modern life gets to me. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Susan,
    Thanks so much for the Pick of the Week Feature!! How kind of you!! I have some of those Victorian Calling Cards myself!
    I will give you a Shout Out in my next post due out in the beginning of next week...

    1. Your Autumn Tea is even more inspiring when I consider you work full time and were undergoing a big 'redo' at home while you planned and executed the it! Bargain hunter that I am I also think -what would that table cost if you shopped for it at Pier One?!

  3. Susan, I adore your images. I often thought it would have been so fun to live in that era. But then I remember the corsets and think, maybe not. lol! I pinned your lovely greeting cards. So happy to have you share with SYC.

  4. Thank you so much for making my Silver Bats Centerpiece your pick of the week from Share Your Cup! How kind of you! I really like how you incorporate those picks into your posts, you have an original idea there, and those aren't easy to come by these days. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

    1. Love how well you did the centerpiece. I can see how it would inspire those who can go 'over the top' and those who want to decorate on a tight budget. Thank you for the compliment on my Picks of Week.

  5. I'm fascinated by the variety of hats women got to weat then!

  6. I like big hair
    Have a happy and blessed week...


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