Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Embracing Winter

 I am embracing Winter

For now I am content with the small pleasures to be found  organizing my office.
I  putter.
No deadline  beside Spring or my own inclination to set aside snowmen and pine boughs.

And why should I hurry the season? 
There is plenty of time for

And in the frosty season, when the sun
Was set, and visible for many a mile
The cottage windows blazed through twilight gloom,
I heeded not their summons;

happy time
It was indeed for all of us-

for me
It was a time of rapture! Clear and loud
The village clock tolled six- I wheeled about,
Web picture

Proud and exulting like an untried horse
That cares not for his home. All shod with steel,

We hissed along the polished ice in games -Wordsworth
 Chalkboard Printable I used   can be found at:

Everyday Home

Barb graciously allowed me to share this picture.

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