Friday, January 24, 2014

Retail Therapy with Mom

 First things first ....
Thank you to Jann of Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson fame for kindly featuring my post Embracing Winter at Share Your Cup Thursday. To be featured at such a popular blog party is a real thrill!
  The thrift shop parking lot was packed, but my mom and I weren't in a hurry.  This day was all about spending time together and mooching through thrift shops and flea markets are some of our favorite mother/daughter activities.
I reeeaaalllly wanted this great fur muff! But not enough to pay fifty dollars for it.
Within a few minutes we had a prime spot by the door, and joined the line of shoppers entering the store. A sign taped to the door  proclaimed:

I felt my blood rise. The hunt was on.

I paid five dollars for the little pitcher and matching tray. I love the debonair Scotsman in his kilt and am a sucker for plaid.
Now, if you ask a man about a shopping expedition you'll get, "I bought a saw." If you ask a woman about a shopping expedition it will start with what  time she got up, 
Royal Standard  'Bonnie Scotland' Clan MacKay
 what she ate for breakfast that day, and a weather report(6a.m.. Oatmeal.  Cold, clear, and sunny ).  If you ask a blogger...Well. You don't need to ask a blogger, they'll just tell you, and  there will be pictures.  My first stop at the shop is
always the china isle. Optimism has me convinced that if I rescue the  gorgeous but saucer - less tea cup the Universe will lead me to it's mate.   Sometimes there is a second chance  at China Love with a mismatched but coordinating - in -my-eyes saucer .

Royal Chelsea English Bone China saucer & Tuscan Fine Bone China cup
And - Serendipity!  This same week Kathy @ the writers reverie took a whimsical look at tea cups that have been 'widowed' of their matching saucer in her post Tea Widows! (You will not want to miss it! )

Back at home in time for tea.
And home-baked Shortbread.
While looking for my heart shaped cookie cutter  I found these 'tarnished gold' hearts I picked up on  after Christmas clearance. I think they are a nice way to add a touch of Valentines Day to my winter decorations.
I'm not yet ready for candy box colors. Although, I found a nice selection of paper doilies
 at Dollar Tree.
And I have been sorting

 through some
Vintage Valentine Cards,
Don't forget to click to enlarge, then save. 
to share.

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Sally 's  Preppy Inspiration combined two of my favorite things - PLAID and vintage Preppy clothes.
 The vintage clothes made me think of all the pattern People images I've collected ....
I am continually inspired by Laura's Tag Tuesday posts. I'll be visiting Sunday View  looking for ideas to combine plaid, 60's  and Pattern People.   Check out her recent post First Samples for Pink Persimmon .
 Laura  is a constant inspiration and last weeks' Tag Tuesday is no exception. And if you are a Starbucks fan, check out  Starbucks Obsession  . Do you think I ever looked at a disposable coffee cup and thought, "Hey! Craft inspiration!" The answer is no. Not ever.  

Kitty @ Cozy Kitchen  inspired me  to make some yummy soup. AND Her recent post including pine cones  inspired me to think about a sprucing up with some seasonal décor featuring pine cones.   In fact I'm bidding pinecone plates like hers right now!
French Saxon Pine Cone
Well.  I did NOT  win the pine cone set! Much gnashing of teeth here!!!! And like salt in the wound here is Joann with a truly drool worthy A Pine Cone Tea Party  complete with a Pinecone service
her husband thrifted for her. 

 The Victorian Tailor's  post Paper Chain Garland reminded me that sometimes simple is better.

And last but not least, join Kathy at for a meeting of the Tea Widows . You'll leave with a smile!


  1. What fun! Thrift shopping is one of my absolute favorite forms of therapy too!- Love the Scottish finds- just in times for Robert Burns night!

  2. There are some lovely vintage treasures here! :) Fun post! I want a heart shaped cookie for breakfast now. Unfortunately I don't have one! :)

  3. Susan,
    Thanks again for stopping by!!

    Every Tuesday is half off everything but furniture at one of my Favorite Thrift Stores. Volunteers of America. The last Wed. of every month is half off the entire store and I may just check it out this coming week.......

    You got some great buys and I adore that sweet tea cup and saucer!! And how wonderful for you to go shopping with your Mom. Enjoy her while you can....


  4. You found some lovely pieces, Susan! I always look at the china first, too. I guess I have hope that a piece of transferware will be there.

  5. I love the term "Tea Widows" I honestly have never thought about buying one part of a set to wait for the universe to give me its matching piece...Great idea! Nothing better than a day with Mom and a half off sale!


  6. I always head to the dishes first to see if anyone has donated a pitcher that is part of the Brown Transferware set I have. Would love to do this with my Mom more often, she lives 5 hours away from me, will see her in February.The cup and saucer you bought is such a sweet set. Happy shopping.

  7. What great finds and fun!!! Sounds like a perfect day thrifting and tea! Following along on your blogging journey. Hugs, Beverly

  8. Oh sweetie, I don't know about fame; but I adore you! I just bet your mom is as sweet as you! Love the Scottish plaid find. I swung by a thrift today while out running errands and found a plaid sugar bowl. No markings, nothing fabulous; but plaid nevertheless. Love your after Christmas hearts and yum, I love shortbread! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Cute, cute Valentines!

  9. Thrift store shopping that sounds like my kind of fun! I am loving your thrifty finds especially the Scottish plaid cute! The heart-shaped cookie mold is a sweet find, indeed!The shortbread cookie is looking tempting! Happy weekend! hugs, Poppy

  10. Children's Valentine cards are based totally on puns, aren't they? Actually a good lesson in homonyms!
    And thrift shops! My vice! I just have to stay away sometimes.

  11. Sounds like loads of fun!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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