Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paris in my Heart!

Please join me  . . .

in my cozy retreat ...  where I have been crafting and watching Audrey Hepburn  movies.
The little table is a curbside treasure. I love it's chippy black paint and curved feet.
 we can dream . . .
of Paris...
and sip endless cups of strong coffee... 
from simple white china.

Le Chat Isabella says, 'A belly rub, is always appreciated'.

White roses perfume the air.
Lace and ribbon hearts.
Vintage bling.
 A wall of French typography

French Typography from The Graphics Fairy. All frames were purchased at  Dollar Tree except the largest which was  a Good Will find. 

Vintage pages from a French children's book .
 The  Valentine Tree  ..
Doves for Peace ..
Friendship Cups...
Swans symbolize  Endless Love.

Gold and Silver, old friends and New.

 White for Purity. 

   A closer look. 

I painted the votive holder and an  clean, empty bottle with white craft glue added the Fleur-de-lis then rolled it in diamond dust/ glitter.
The Fleur- de -lis was printed out from a template found online.  French Typography can be found at The Graphic Fairy.
The Eiffel Tower was made from a printout of a French original.  

For some real  French Inspiration  please visit 

and check out her
Pick a post, any post it's all wonderful! 

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  1. Love all the French look. That is my wish too. To one day go to Paris. Just lovely. Thanks for joining Tea Cup Tuesday. Pleasure to have you. Blessings, Martha

  2. Very pretty candle! It has a very dreamy romantic look about it! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I love your little tree! I didn't put one up this year. I love anything Frenchy and Eiffel Towers, I love!! Thank you for joining me for tea and Happy Valentine's Day!


  4. What a delight! A post after my own heart-so many wonderful details and love votre Chat! I just love the framed graphics fairy images- so clever- and why didn't I think of that moment- we've lived here a while and embarrassingly I still have blank walls to fill- may steal that one!
    Merci for including my macaroon post!

  5. I love your home! Thanks for including a link to my blog in your post.

  6. Oh you are so crafty! All your French style decorations are wonderful. Your retreat room is perfectly done up to inspire!

  7. Hi Susan, I love your Valentine tree, very pretty! I wonder if its any warmer in Paris, if it is, I'm ready to go! Have a great week, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

  8. Oh, and I just loved that pretty candle holder you decorated, lovely!

  9. Love all your Paris connected images.... One can never get too much of Paris or France!

    Thank you for including Botanic Bleu as a blog to see some French inspiration. Knowing someone enjoys Botanic Bleu made my day and week much brighter.

    Happy Valentine's Day a little early...


  10. Pretty Photos! Your Paris style vignettes are very authentic. Glad your kitty is cosy on the couch for she is a cutie. Have a great 14th!


  11. Your Parisian vignette caught my eye over at the Share Your Cup Thursday Party - so pretty! I'm drawn to all things French too.

  12. (Please read with French accent)

    Bonjour Susan,

    I LOVE all your magnifique Paris treasures that transport us to the Eiffel for a day of pure delight! You have created a lovely room full of adventure and Parisian beauty. What a wonderful place to sip tea and read about the latest Paris fashions. Thank you for the journey to the place of my dreams!

    Bisous, Edie Marie

  13. Wow! You have created beautiful Parisian the colors and each detail is so well thought out! The fleur-de-lis voitve looks so pretty especially with the glittery effect:) Thanks for sharing your pretties with us and for sharing my column pedestals through facebook, much appreciated!Happy Sunday! Hugs, Poppy

  14. Perfect space and perfect creations! I too hope to go to Paris one day. You have a wonderful gift of talent! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Hi Susan, wow you really do have Paris in your heart...! Thanks for leaving me asweet comment on my blog Little Brags (the Valentine Bunny post). I tried to reply directly to your comment, but you come up as a non reply blogger (Google glitch). xoxoxo Christine from Little Brags

  16. Susan,
    What a wonderful room!! LOVE that sweet tree!!!



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