Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Hotel du. Cheval Blanc

  Happy Pink Saturday!
 to my little oh-la-la French flavored fantasy world...
The Hotel du. Cheval Blanc
Please do not tell Madame that she is only a figment of my imagination! Let her believe, like me, that the gentleman peering from the upper window is very like Cary Grant.
And she is very like Eva Marie Saint. And who is that coming up behind her as she stares intently? A villain? A henchman?
Monsieur Red Herring? 

What diabolical plot is afoot?
I am sure there are spies; there must be spies!

What romance is in store for her? 

Will she and 'Cary' fall in love while sharing intimate dinners overlooking the snow covered mountains?
Just don't tell her this romantic idyll is a daydream on my shelf!
Do you like romantic suspense?

 These movies have been around for awhile....

But I have found them to be fun company on snow bound afternoons

This little hotel  is made from a printout from a vintage French newspaper spread meant for children to cutout and assemble. 

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  1. oooh I'ma lovin' this ! I can imagine myself there with Cary...and darn if I don't look like Audrey (in my dreams, sigh).
    Love this vignette, thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cute! Loved all the movies, and the "White Horse" would be a perfect rendevous!

  3. Your little French dream on a shelf is just lovely as is your fanciful post--so much my style. Glad to visit you again and hope all is well with you.


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