Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Doves and Old Lace

 White doves and  old lace were not for you.  Your doves were
 grey and soft brown.  Found broken under a window
  and brought  to you.  They lived in a
box with a threadbare towel thrown over  as a lid. 
Then one day the box began spending afternoons on the porch .
  You sat nearby , tea cup at hand.
Eyes on your Zane Grey, the only sound the soft flick of a turned page. 
 Every afternoon until one day with a flutter of wings the Injured Party flew to join it's cooing friends picking cracked corn out on the long  gravel drive.
You were not a delicate teacup  grandmother.
 You  preferred
sunflowers and zinnias, to more delicate blooms. 
 And watching dust motes in a sun beam to the sparkle of  exquisite crystal. 
 A pinch of salt and box of Old Bay  all the cooking spice you ever needed
I play with pretty things. Arrange and rearrange tea cups and lace. 
 I sit among my found vintage  finery like a child playing make believe.
Like the child I was at your feet. Your little magpie picking through shiny objects. I take glitter and glue and turn scraps into pretty baubles. 

  And houses like the ones we made from boxes and paper grocery sacks. We made villages of houses. A story for each. I laid them out around your chair. I would still lay the world at your feet.

Spring is coming, and I am suddenly impatient to box up the Pink, the Frills, and get my hands in the soil.

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 I step out side with a scoop of cracked corn in hand and listen for the coo of doves.

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* I saved this template last year and now can't find it online to provide a link back. My apologies.


  1. What a lovely post today. I had to read it twice, I enjoyed it so much!

  2. Yes! I also had to read it twice it was so pretty.You were speaking of Your Mother in Your delightful post.So pretty.Enjoyed-Denise

  3. Your post is filled with lovely memories and thank you for sharing them with us. I used to love to make little houses too and paper dolls. I spent hours doing that. Thank you for coming for tea and Happy Spring!


  4. An enchanting post filled with such pretty photos ready to welcome Spring this week. So glad you shared the Spring 1889 calendar, too. I collect vintage postcards so Victorian artwork always catches my eye.

    Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my Barbie post.


  5. I love your teacup and dove tree! So pretty! And how nice to include the pattern. So glad I visited!

  6. I too love playing house Susan! Who wouldn't want to play with your lovely doves, gorgeous lace, and teacups? So glad you will be sharing this with SYC.

  7. Beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing with us your sweetest memories. I loved paper dolls when I was a kid...yes, memories you brought to me too! I love all your potos and lovely lace and porcelain. Thanks for coming to visit me. I tried to follow your blog, but it's not going through. I will try later.


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