Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mornings are Elementary

Back in the day of big families and small houses my mother struggled to maintain a reasonable level of cleanliness and order. Cleanliness she achieved; order was an uphill battle. 

 In the maelstrom of school day mornings  our house sounded more like ' The Last Boat out of Pompeii'  than an episode of 'Father Knows Best'. 

 My dress needed  ironing. My brothers Pill and Buzz were fighting over cereal boxes. The cat threw up in my fathers' work shoe. 

 Our Baby sister sat in her little plastic baby seat in the center of the kitchen table merrily chewing on her favorite toy, a  plastic Halloween bat.

She was in  need of a diaper change. 

(Yes, we all thought it was odd, this smiling baby preferred the blown mold black Halloween bat to the pretty pastel rings and rattles we  offered her.)

Mom manned her post at the ironing board wearing Laura Petrie slacks and bottle brush curlers. The phone was at her ear. 

The umbilical phone cord slapped the backs of our necks as we scooted around the kitchen.  The phone being slid back on to it's cradle was our signal - Go Time!  

   A scuffle of books and lost pencils, howls when someone sat on a sack lunch, pennies counted for milk money then out the front door we rushed! The neighbor kids who rode to school with us came up the walk.

   Into the back seat of my mom's  Buick we piled.  We squeezed in tight. We strained forward. At the school we exploded from the car rushing to line up with our class mates.  No talking! Single file! Keep your line straight!

My mom watched for a moment , sighed, then eased the Buick back into traffic. Order had been re-established.

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  1. Oh what a riot! Love the nostalgic vintage images and I laughed out loud at the Halloween bat!

  2. Such a fun post! The vintage graphics are priceless.

  3. Love all the vintage images and your description of those mornings; so fun and nostalgic! and how your mother restored order (get the kids to school!)


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