Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vintage Young Miss Party Frock Pattern People

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything - Shakespeare    

Do you remember the excitement of being Practically  Fifteen..?or Sixteen? Time flies now, but oh! How I longed, back then, to be  Practically Seventeen  like my favorite character  Toby Hayden. . .
And waiting forever for  Mom and Dad to realize that one was Quite Grown Up.

This Young Miss from a 1960'sPattern cover reminds me of characters from my favorite teen reads. Were you a  Rosmund Du Jardin  fan too?  Did you dream of first high heels and party frocks? 
Happy Pink Saturday!
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  1. LOVE this vignette! I was a little girl in the 50s and imagined I would grow up and wear all the lovely clothes young ladies wore then. Due to a cruel cosmic prank, I reached that age in 1970! The decade that killed Good Taste and Attractive Fashion!

  2. such sweet images ... i was a little girl in the 50's as well. We wore frilly panties, petticoats, lace gloves and hats to church. To be seen anywhere in pajamas would probably have gotten you committed !
    See it all the time in Walmart. Sigh.
    thanks for a reminder of sweeter times. Happy Pink Saturday !

  3. I love your pink 50's girl with the glitter! So pretty.


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