Friday, October 10, 2014

Ghosts of Autumn

 My inner Farm Girl is calculating the produce, deciding how many jars and lids to sterilize.  She is hearing instructions from a voice so strong she remembers the sound of it although the voice has been 40 years in the grave.

 Rustic Box made from old cedar fence slats.
 Out come the boxes of Bicentennial Mason jars.  Out come the new 5lb bag of sugar,and the pickling spice.

I love a little touch of lavender or purple in the Fall.
 Today will be spent with my ghosts of Autumn. They are not spooky. They won't jump out from behind or appear in a mirror.

 Dining room chairs were a curbside treasure. A fresh coat of flat black and new stuffing for the seats was all they needed. 

My ghosts are shades of memory that catch me at odd moments. They are conjured by the scent of celery seed and warm tomatoes when the light slants through the back door. They linger at  the kitchen table ready to hold the yellow ware bowl and stir with that old wooden spoon. Away from the sun they hover near a flour sacking towel as it is laid over perfect rows of canned tomatoes.  They float on dust motes in a sunbeam as I turn the page of  the recipe book and take a sip of milky tea.

 See below for image.

 Their laughter is soft and never mocking. Their love is so strong I feel it still. Their kindness so tender that even all these years later I cannot find its match .

Burlap and some Susan Winget fabric for Fall. Owl image found at The Graphic Fairy

 Our work is done and I'll take my tea, with Izzy Cat for company and rest with my ghosts of Autumn.

A 8x 10 sheet of chip board, a piece of fabric and a distressed copy of a vintage print. Just the right amount of Fall spooky for me.

 Old Country Rose is my current Fall favorite teapot.

That orphan plate I can never leave behind at a thrift shop? Perfect with a cloche for showing out some home made goodies.

Lemon coconut was a favorite of the Grands.
 The homemade oatmeal cookies are for He Who Builds Things.

Some vintage images for Fall

Wishing you many blessings this week.


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