Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer Girl, Farm Girl

The peeper frog chorus sings me to sleep these nights with the air con off and the windows thrown wide. The weather here is as changeable as my eclectic taste and although the nights are cool, some days the temperature still tops 80 degrees. Most days the beach sky is cornflower blue with a mild onshore breeze. My inner Summer Girl wants more than a fast cup of coffee while watching the morning rise over the horizon. My inner Summer Girl wants to walk this sandy beach all day.

 A few miles inland it is hot and still. I linger watching the white butterflies dance from lavender stalk to lavender stalk . My heart whispers summer, summer, summer. But my mind knows better.

Turning to the garden I see the leaves on the tomato plants are turning yellow and dry as old paper.  The zinnias have developed patches of white mold. A row of green tomatoes line the fence.  Inside are more tomatoes - lots of tomatoes - along with peppers and onions and pickling cucumbers. They are waiting for me to haul out the canning jars and the measuring cups.  Canning requires the best of the crop, prepared at its peak.  Summer Girl is edged aside and today my inner Farm Girl ascends. It is Autumn and harvest regardless of the temperature and Farm Girl is eager to do her thing.  Turning from the garden my step is brisk.
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