Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Tablecloth Love

Do you love vintage Christmas tablecloths? 
 Do you collect them? Do you use them or hoard them?   What type do you prefer? 
I love the Santa graphics. They are so cheerful.

These charming graphics were not part of my childhood. Our kitchen table was full of homework at night and cereal box walls in the mornings; My brothers and I couldn't stand the sight of each other before 9 a.m..

 I am charmed by the tablecloths with borders that are like an unfolding story.

 Papa gets a snoot full of soot and requires a trip to the ER where little Henry catches the mumps. Water damage caused by reindeer gnawing through the shingles is not covered by homeowners insurance.

Fido must shiver in his dog house the Night Before Christmas. Last year he took 6 inches of fabric out of the seat of Santa's pants.  The step children arrive. Momma takes the Jamison's and Eggnog and heads to the neighbors' house.
 Merry Christmas!

The 1st Christmas tablecloth I purchased is like the one pictured below. I won it on ebay in 2004 or 2005 and paid less than twenty dollars.  I found the one pictured here on ebay today with 15 bids already in. The present high bid is 42.62 USD. The auction is over in less than 24 hours. (Not my auction!) 

Santa's sleigh   and gaily wrapped presents around a field of bright red.

 Merry Christmas and stars on the outer border of red. I do not think the stains would stop me from bidding. Lemon juice and sun remove a multitude of stains. Be careful of using detergent - the red fades easily.

Another favorite pattern is this Snowy Village. I saw this one in the forty dollars range.

I have never see the the Jack-in-the-box Santa below go for under 100 USD.I keep hoping I'll find one in my budget.

 Details of a few in my collection that I see listed on eBay under 40 USD..

I see many with starting bids under ten dollars. I am tempted by the all.
I have a bid in on this Christmas tablecloth . Wish me luck!

What  collections are you starting or adding to this season?

Have a blessed week!


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