Thursday, December 4, 2014

Scandinavian Tendencies at Christmas Tea

God Yul 

 Image a dry winter day so cold every sound is sharp and ends with a snap.

A day for thick woolen sweaters ...

 soft and fleecy as sheep.

  Happy sheep by Katheryn of Spot on Cedar Pond. Aren't they festive in their woolie coats and wreaths.

How nice to come inside on such a day ...


 And have a coffee by the fire.

Ikea Mouse wonders if  Tomten will come by for a visit.

A perfect place to have tea or coffee and read story books...

 Reading Tomte stories was part of my children's Christmas and now that a new generation is blooming  - I am going to be a grand aunt again - I look forward to passing down this small bit of family heritage.

 I still  love the stories of the benevolent Tomte,  who lived unseen on a farm and looked after the family and animals. 

The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren (of Pippi Longstocking fame)

 I am happy with my coffee but perhaps you
would  prefer tea?

PEPPARKAKA  from Ikea 

 Ginger biscuits taste good with either.

Is that a gnome peeking out from a mushroom cottage?
Cup and saucer -Ikea.

Gnomes, pixies, and tomte abound in winter

 Tiny pixies riding on snowflakes...

We will be sure and leave a ginger biscuit out for them.

You can read more about 
Tomte here.

Thank you for joining me and the Tomte for tea .

Have a blessed week


Hope to see you at some of these best parties ever.

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