Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Here Come the Brides

I confess. I was only in it for the fashion.

The groom  and his tuxedo were hastily cut out and set aside.

It was all about the Bride.

My best friend Fanny and I spent  long summer days perfecting our fine motor skills with paper and blunt tipped scissors. We honed our  organizational skills  planning elaborate receptions, honeymoons,and households. Our insatiable appetite for bridal glamor led us to discarded catalogs and magazines from which we culled our elaborate trousseau.

For some reason we believed our lives would require wardrobes so fantastic they bordered on costuming .

 We grew up on Katy Keene and Brenda Starr little realizing life would more closely resemble Cathy. Aack!!

One day we put away our paper doll brides and for years I  looked back on that childish obsession with disdain. In fact, when I married it was on the beach, in jeans and matching sweaters, the antithesis of all my childhood day dreams.

Lately I look back on my childhood self with more acceptance. I've come to embrace my love of  frilly, sparkly girly things.

Did you like Bride Paper Dolls?

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