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Gaufre Croissant Chantilly

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Gaufre Croissant Chantilly

Gaufre Croissant Chantilly

Or, my take on the Ihop
Criss Croissant 

The fruit
Rinse and slice  2 cups of fresh strawberries or other berries of choice. Set aside.

He Who Builds Things add Zest to my life - and lemon zest to the filling
The Filling 
8oz Mascarpone cheese softened
1/2 pint heavy cream whipped until soft peaks form  reserve some for top
3 tbsp Truvia  (or sugar - add to taste if you prefer very sweet)
lemon zest - 4 or 5 good scrapes
Add Truvia then lemon zest  to softened Mascarpone 
Blend gently.
Fold in whipped heavy cream a third at a time, reserving some of the whipped cream for topping.
Serves 4
The Pastry
Heat waffle iron. Slice croissant in half. Place 2 halves in waffle iron and heat for 30 - 45 seconds. Press down lightly.
The longer  you heat the croissant, the more compression you apply, the more cookie or biscuit like the croissant. 

Spread on Mascarpone / cream mixure. Add fresh fruit. Sandwich the slices.
Top with reserved whipped cream and berries.

Did you notice the croisant shape resembles a heart? How serendipitous!

The mascarpone makes the dish very filling. Not using sugar helped to keep dish more breakfast-y less desserty-y. 

Now, those of you who wander by on a semi-regular basis know I don't do a whole lot of food related posts.  On my own, I'd do very little cooking, but I find cooking with He -Who-Builds -Things  pleasant enough.  When HWBT mentioned the  IHOP Criss Croissant 
looked interesting  we thought we'd try a home version.  We may eventually do some field research to experience the IHOP original and if so I'll update. (IHOP isn't paying me anything to talk about them or their product).Below is a picture of the IHOP menu item that inspired us to waffle a croissant.

Final thoughts?  The ingredients can be somewhat pricey - The mascarpone was only available in a 16 oz tub for 6.99.  However the basic filling recipe is easily scaled up or down, the variations are practically endless, and as a dessert the waffled croissant will make a nice twist on strawberry shortcake.


I am now obsessed with the idea of cooking things with the waffle iron! Have you ever made anything besides waffles with the waffle iron? Let me know.

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