Thursday, April 23, 2015

Love and Happiness

I wanna Sunday kind of love
A love to last past Saturday night

And I'd like to know its more than love at first sight
And I wanna Sunday kind of love.

Love and happiness
Make you want to dance, love and happiness
Love is, wait a minute

Love is, walkin' together, talkin' together
Say it again, say it together

You be good to me
I'll be good to you
We'll be together

We'll see each other
Walk away with victory
Oh baby, love and happiness

 Dinner is plated and keeping warm.
Phones are set aside. The television is off. 
It is easier to sing along when the music is loud, and we are dancing in our stocking feet. 
I have set aside all the things I am not (thin, young, beautiful, able to sing in key) and I am willing to commit to being a little bit silly, and a little bit sultry, and asking something beside, 'How was your day'.

Date Night isn't always successful. Sometimes it is the false magic of a man in a cape pulling a quarter from behind a child's ear. Some times I'd rather be eating a bowl of cereal and watching a hockey game But tonight there is the real magic of good conversation, and laughter that leaves my sides hurting and my heart lighter. 

Wishing you all love and happiness.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Backyard Pool and Garden Project

 Last year we began a big backyard project when we found the pool had a rust hole you could drive a Buick through.
We knew our needs had changed and a bigger shed smaller pool was the way to go.

Phase one was tearing down the old pool and building the work shop/storage shed. 

 Here is the side of our back garden. There is a small waterfall, stream and pond. The new pool will be located where you can see the shed and part of  at the bottom of the yard.

This is the left side of the yard. The shop/shed is behind the patio house, but there is a nice swath of ground that can be landscaped between them.
Phase two is tear down the old shed and install the new pool. We became interested in natural pools which you can learn about here.   I am still not 100% sold on the idea. Maybe a compromise where it looks very natural but has lots of  chemicals that get rid of skunk and raccoon cooties. (The little pond is for you guys!)

natural pool

Phase two starts today, and while He Who Builds Things is deconstructing the old shed, I'm think about elements I'd like to include in the project.

In other words, I am working on my 'Wish List' .
 The two elements on my mind are containers, and pathways.Although I am drawn by colorful  and fun,  He Who Builds Things tastes run to tasteful and serene.

Here are some colorful inspirations
Container garden

Selina Lake Outdoor Living Book 12 page special Just add sunshine as featured in @you Magazine - @RylandPeters&Small&Small&Small Styling by Selina Lake Photography by Debi Treloar

Concrete stepping stones mimic the look of vintage pillows. Looks almost Alice-y.

Here are some restful serene inspirations

water drain - beautiful

sweet garden path

 A Whole Bunch Of Beautiful & Enchanting Garden Paths - Style Estate - #garden

I never thought of adding solar lights to old electric line insulators.  Finally something to do with those!  This site has some other cool solar light garden projects, too. 

Solar light in an old insulator. Great idea  and I have some .

What do you think? Colorful or serene?
Can I have both?

See more of the workshop here.

Have a wonderful week.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Cherry Blossom Cruise

Vintage Cherry Blossom Tablecloth

Some times the best times are those that just happen.
A mini get away to Maryland so the H could attend a model train show near Baltimore turned into chance adventure.
On the way to Baltimore's famous inner harbor we decided to shoot down to Washington D.C. instead. I had never been, and the Baltimore news casts were  full of reports on the cherry blossoms.

That afternoon will forever be known as
The Great Washington Cherry Blossom Cruise 2015. We arrived in town just after the parade, and sat in stop and go, nearly gridlock traffic while we made the circuit past some iconic landmarks and

Pedestrians were moving faster than the cars, so there was plenty of time to gawk. We stopped at a fast food joint for a bathroom break and to get a sweet tea and had a nice conversation with some locals before getting on the highway back to our hotel. The next day we had bumper to bumper traffic from Maryland to NYC. Apparently half the population of NYC  drives down for the Cherry Blossoms. Who knew? Not me!

Back home I was curious to see what sort of vintage souvenirs I might find.

This Cherry blossom pillow cover made from vintage fabric is on E bay. Starting bid is - 5.95.
I don't know if I'll bid. I do like it though!

I found this vintage Washington DC cherry blossom souvenir table cloth for 9.99.
And the auction was closing in 6 minutes!  I bid and won. I think it was meant to be mine.

I love the bright blues and pinks.

Because it is the 150th anniversary of the end of the civil war  visiting the capital
seemed particularly meaningful. A cousin had been writing lately about the large number of civil war veterans in our family. Think of your family living and farming in a couple mile radius. Then one day  seven of your brothers and cousins march off together.

God bless you, my friends. 
And God Bless the United States of America.


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tea in the Library #56

'To take small children or a dog with you on a visit of ceremony is altogether vulgar. Although in visiting familiar friends children are not objectionable.’

Mrs. Middleton went to take down the canister of Bohea; the little Hysop tea there was being saved for high days and holidays.

- The Miser of Mayfair, Marion Chesney

Have a Blessed Week!


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