Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tea in the Library #55

Tea! Bless ordinary everyday afternoon tea. –Agatha Christie

 I have been enjoying my afternoon cup with Dame Agatha and  Hercule Poirot of late.
 The afternoon sun hits the bay window around 3'clock and the kittens slip through the white sheers and settle on the crescent shaped sill. I curl on the sofa, tea at hand. Occasionally a set of wide green eyes peer at me over the edge of the couch. Now there is a small pink nose, whiskers twitch, 'Is there cream in that jug? Maybe the Food Lady will pour us a dish!'

My sweet Sis sent me this lovely set of tea cups

The charming floral design is a perfect touch of Spring.

 It is a generous size cup. 
So nice to warm my hands around.
Thoughts of my Sis will make my afternoon cup of tea sweeter. 
And the cheery floral pattern will remind me that 
May flowers are on the way.

I am passionate for purple lately.

The beautiful purple tulips - ten dollars for two bunches. They have lasted two weeks.


The purple place mats were a Dollar Tree buy last year. I foraged the closets for the quilt, and the goblets.The teapot, sugar, and creamer are from Christmas Tree Shop.

Sometimes the small table we use for intimate 'fireside' dinners
comes out to the living room. 

We linger over dinner watching Jeopardy and have our coffee with 'The Wheel'.
Have a Blessed week 
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