Saturday, May 16, 2015

Forget Me Not

 A pretty cup, a pretty flower, a pretty sentiment. Forget me not.

  I am sending cards to some of our shut-ins, a habit I want to develop. Over the years, at several churches  I have watched the eldest ladies among the women's group slip away. I  wish more of them knew the high value I placed on their kindness, their presence, their wisdom.

 I am drinking English Breakfast tea, sweet, with plenty of evaporated milk  just the way my grandmother drank it. I am practicing the sweeping slope of cursive letters as I address the envelopes by hand.

It took a long time for fat round 'A's to rest on the line of my practice paper.  I despaired over my much erased bumps and jagged squiggles. My grandmother gave me an unlined sheet of crisp white paper and a blue colored pencil. She sat patiently, "hold the pencil gently, it is a little bird, let it soar up then down, now let it fly across - there you've made a ' T' '. "

There are many ladies who help shape me with kindness and patience. My church mothers.
You are much missed, I write. I want you to know that your presence in my life has been a blessing . . . Your gentility is an example I try to follow . . .  I thank God for you and the many ways you showed kindness to others. . .

It seemed hard to find these few minutes to do something for someone else. As usual doing something for others has nourished me.

Wishing you a blessed week.


My mom found this lovely Crown Dorset Forget-me-not teacup at a yard sale.

Crown Dorset
Fine Bone China
Made in England

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