Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shabby Romantic Book Collection - A Fast & Frugal Project

Decorative Book Bundle
Craft using books

I purchased some beautiful Japanese paper while on a trip to Seattle. 
Here is how I used them to turn a bundle of ragged paperbacks into a 
Shabby Romantic Book Collection 

 Material List

  •  Japanese Paper -I used 1/2 sheet Yuzen White Dots on Lake, 1/2 sheet Yuzen Blue Plum Blossoms. These handmade Japanese papers are a lovely quality, a joy to handle but any heavy weight paper will do.
  • Tape
  • Scissors, pencil
  • Straight Edge- I use an L square
  • Length of ribbon for book mark
  • Bauble that can be tied to end of book mark
  • Length of ribbon long enough to wrap around books and tie into a bow
  • Vintage rhinestone pin
  • Vintage postcard image - below
  • Books to be covered - My ragged paperback copy of Marion Chesney's  Regency series 'A House for the Season' 

1.Using straight edge  and pencil trace book allowing an overage to fold  over the sides of the front and back flap.  Cover book and tape overage to inside of flap making it just loose enough to close the book,

2. Print and cut out post card image, glue to front of book, or use as book plate on inside cover.
3. Tie length of ribbon to bauble to use as a bookmark. I used a piece of  ribbon and an ornament hanger.

4. Stack the books and wrap with a length of lace ribbon. Tie ribbon into a bow. 
5. Pin vintage broach to bow.

What doI like best about this project? 
Combining collections in a way that allows me to use them, 
rather than just know they are in a closet 'somewhere'.  

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