Monday, July 13, 2015

Tea and Lemon Cake

 Today I want something teeth-achingly sweet for tea.
This semi-homemade lemon cake* is as dense as pound cake. It has no trouble holding up an extra-thick layer of frosting. Flecks of lemon zest add a bright point to the cake. 

I will eat it outside. Lick my fingers clean. Wash it down with 
cups of  English afternoon tea. I do not know why it should be, but a cup of hot tea cools me down. I take it slightly bitter as a counterpoint to the icing.

 The day is fine.
It is a day to memorize. Hot dry air, bright blue sky.
Bees and white butterflies whisper over the 

 While hot pink petunias shout Summer!

Keep Calm sign.
Base coat an inexpensive canvas with acrylic paint. 
Add 1 wall sticker from the Dollar Tree. The shine stands out in the photos. 
Real life it is more  painting like 

 Have a blessed week!

* For 'Semi-home made' read - did not follow directions exactly.  I added some very fine lemon zest, a squirt of lemon juice, and used olive oil instead of veg. oil. I know big deal, right?

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