Friday, September 11, 2015

Still Summer

 We are still summer is all I can say.

The bumper crop of lavender has us all a buzz.
One Fish, Two Fish. They spend the day blowing bubbles and racing around the pond. They lurk amid the water cabbage waiting for an unsuspecting mosquito. 

 Cinnamon fern add a nice bit of texture.And every morning a new water hyacinth is in bloom.

The summer annuals have fizzled out. To hot for chrysanthemums, I dump the planters with water and put the over abundance of water plants to good use. Everywhere you look there are tubs or urns or planters filled with water hyacinths.

Family picnics have netted us fresh eggs,

and original artwork along with memories.
There can't be many more of these 
feels-like-I-am- baking -in-an-oven
to-hot-for-anything -but-the-pool days left to this summer. 
So forgive me if I grab a paperback, a glass of iced tea and my shades.
 It will be Autumn soon enough.

Have a blessed week!

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