Saturday, September 19, 2015

Summery Day Tea on the Veranda

Tea is ready. Come join me on the veranda.

 Although the temperatures feel like August, the calendar confirms we are near the tipping point. In a few days the year will spill over into Fall.

 This spot is as informal as can be.
Make yourself comfortable. Damp bathing suits welcome!

 This (ahem) crystal mushroom is lit from within by a battery tea light.
 So that is where I left my readers! 
  A tomato straight from the vine.

Hot tea is always refreshing. 
 Today we are having Orange Pekoe.
Help yourself to the Stella D'oro breakfast treats 
in the doily topped jar.
 A lovely yellow bird presides over the tea pot.

Here is his image .
The Glitter Houses in the 
background are a project
in the works.
This pretty Noritake china  cup
 is my newest addition. 

There is something in your cup?
Shoo Pink Fairy! Back to the garden!
Pink Butterfly images can be found online. I adjusted an image to suit my needs using, a free program for Windows. The little girl image is part of a download I purchased form Altered Artifacts a few years ago.

I hope Summer has been kind to you.
See you in Autumn!

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