Thursday, October 8, 2015

Once in a Blue Moon

Did you  watch the Harvest Moon rise?
See it ride the horizon like a pumpkin on a fence?
We are celebrating with 'Once in a Blue Moon' cake.
We are celebrating with roses that glow like embers.
We are celebrating with strong tea in Royal Ascot  tea cups.
The flowers on this cup remind me of Autumn in the garden.
The cake is a blue velvet box cake with too sweet white icing.
It is a beautiful Fall day. Vivid Blue sky, windows open wide.  I have just finished ironing dress shirts and table linen. The scent of line dried cotton and spray starch lingers in the air. Tea pots and Depression glass have been hand washed and dried.
 I am drawn to cottage tea pots and Depression glass in the Fall.
The green pitcher and green sandwich plates are thrift shop finds.
Green Depression Glass pitcher in Cherry Blossom Pattern.
Green Depression glass sandwich plates in Spiral pattern.
Peach color Depression Glass salad plates in Avocado pattern.
 Here is a better look at the Avocado pattern. I think they looks like pears.
Izzy  Cat has found a sunny spot to doze.
 The Scared-y Cat thinks if he can't see us, we can't see him.
He is a timid boy, and not very bright.

But there is a sweetness in him that makes my heart smile.

Thank you for joining me for a little once in a blue moon tea.

Wishing you sweetness that makes your heart smile on this
Harvest Moon

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Art deco skyscraper - The Marine Buiding - front door detail 
 This great tour whetted my appetite
for Art Deco.

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